Robbie Does the Jobby

Many consider Robbie Williams as their guilty pleasure. You may find his ego and his mannerisms detestable, yet would happily sing/screech his tunes on a boozey night on the karaoke . When it was announced that he would be performing during the World Cup opening ceremony in Russia, it brought about mixed reviews.

Robbie has always been a sort of well-behaved bad-boy, playing up to his heavily manufactured image of being naughty. Robbie is naughty in the sense that he would hide the peas, which his Mother so dearly wanted him to devour, under his mashed potato in order to mask the pea-wastage. This boyish naughtiness was highlighted by his gesture during his performance of ‘Rock DJ’, sticking his middle finger up at the camera, followed by a moment of realisation of his antics. To be fair to Robbie, the performance was very entertaining and was fitting of the occasion, despite being more 12A than PG. His gesture certainly overshadowed what was a typically fun performance by Williams, which proven you can take the boy out of Preston…

Certainly, one would be correct to state that Robbie is not exactly a tough guy, as shown by his public spat with Liam Gallagher and Oasis, leading to Liam offering Robbie out at the 2000 Q Awards ceremony. Needless to say, the fight has not taken place, yet. He’s always been a somewhat controversial figure, loved by mums (like a misbehaving Olly Murs) and his decision to perform in Russia has, understandably, been debated. Apparently, he was told that he couldn’t perform ‘Party Like a Russian’, which contains lyrics about how great the Russian oligarchs can party, which I’m sure they would have loved anyway. A bit hypocritical, as I’m sure he wouldn’t be averse to a lavish Russian party, following his successful gig. Williams stated, in an interview with ITV, that it was always his dream to play in perform at a World Cup as a player, but that this was the next best thing. It’s fair to say that Soccer Aid will be peak of his footballing career.

All in all, it was a good laugh, I got a bit sick of how it was continuously stressed that he was performing for free. Well done for that Robbie, you’ll just get a shitload more streams and downloads, as well as being part of World Cup history. Despite my glowing (kind of) review, I am still a little bemused as to why Robbie was the man for the job. I mean it is Robbie Williams, come on? I can’t be sure how many people stuck their fingers up at Robbie during his performance, but I imagine that it’d probably be a fair amount more than the amount of fucks Robbie gave.